Telescope Library - Call for Volunteers

As interest in the Telescope Library grows along with the diversity and visibility of the collection, it is time to call on our members for additional help in developing the Library. We look forward to creating a group of volunteers to work together, preserving, sustaining, and molding our collection and the activity around it, so that together we have something that is better than any one of us can deliver. The essential details of each role are given; it is clear that each of you brings along a unique set of skills, experience, and aspirations. We can channel the energy and creativity of our members in the most beneficial manner for all involved.

Defining specific roles is also an indication to each of you that there is nothing open-ended here, participation and responsibility are limited to what each of us will be able to handle realistically; more volunteers are almost always better. These roles have been developed with a strong belief in the notion that “Many Hands Make Light Work”, and the more volunteers we have, the easier it will be for the next member to volunteer.

There are three major categories of activity that are addressed here; The titles below are links that go to pages that address the details of that area, with a short, general description of each of the roles. From those pages, there are links to specific descriptions of each role.

1. Operating the library. These roles are focused on how we operate the library, and these are for activities that are primarily performed at meetings.

2. Maintaining the library. These roles are all regarding what is needed to keep our collection in working order. Some of this effort may require somewhat specialized skills, and work in one's own facilities, or at the Telescope Workshop.

3. Evaluating the library. These roles use information about our collection to help run it better, and incorporate new processes and practices.

I look forward to your questions, comments, and willingness to step forward and help out in one of these roles; perhaps your volunteering will define a special position and place for you in this effort! Please send your comments, impressions, questions, suggestions and offers to volunteer to The Telescope Librarian.